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Software-defined infrastructure sets VMware Workspace Suite apart, CTO says

VMware Workspace Suite lets end users access corporate applications and data from a variety of endpoints -- but so do several other EMM products on the market.

When VMware launched Workspace Suite at VMworld 2014, critics noted the similarities between its feature set and those of competitors, such as Citrix. Even the Workspace Suite name is the same as Citrix's enterprise mobility management (EMM) product, which debuted four months before VMworld.

In this video, Kit Colbert, VMware's end-user computing CTO, explained how his company's Workspace Suite differs from the competition. The technology runs on top of VMware's core software-defined infrastructure products, and that's what sets it apart, Colbert said.

His comments echo those made in the VMworld keynote, where execs said there are three pillars of end-user computing -- desktop, mobile and content -- that are built on a foundation of software-defined infrastructure.

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