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Enterprise mobile security best practices force IT to adapt

IT pros must keep pace with the latest advancements in mobile technology and their security implications.

The changing face of enterprise mobile security will also force IT to reconsider its role, moving from a controller of technology to an enabler of productivity. With so many devices and operating systems available today, trying to lock everything down is an uphill battle.

"What you really need to do is start with the data," said Brian Katz, user experience director for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in New Jersey.

IT should also consider the effects of heavy-handed security measures on user experience, and consult with users to better meet their needs.

In this video, filmed at the M-Enterprise Boston conference, Katz and other experts discuss the evolution of enterprise mobile security best practices and IT's ever-changing role.

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I advocate for the highest security for mobile enterprise, which IT needs to adapt to. But I think user opinions greatly contribute to IT adaptations.