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Enterprise apps unlock mobility's full potential

Enterprise apps are the key to any successful mobility initiative, but many organizations don't know where to start.

Cost and complexity often get in the way, as do legacy mind-sets.

"A lot of enterprises have tried to take existing processes, and they just cram them into mobile," said Benjamin Robbins, principal at Palador, a Seattle-based mobile consultancy. "And it doesn't always work well."

The focus on user needs, or FUN, principle should guide all decisions when it comes to creating enterprise apps, from "What does the app do?" to "How easy is it to use?" The answers to these questions are often quite different from what they would be if legacy Windows applications were being discussed.

In this video, recorded at the M-Enterprise Boston conference, Robbins and other mobility experts discuss the benefits and challenges of creating enterprise apps. Organizations must carefully consider user experience, business processes and back-end integration if they want to unlock mobility's full potential.

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