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Does IT have too many options for EMM tools?

LAS VEGAS -- When it comes to managing employees' mobile devices, apps and data, companies have options -- maybe too many options.

Having a plethora of mobility management products to choose from might sound like a good thing, but it can make things complicated for businesses that are still in the exploratory stages of enterprise mobility.

"It's a little bit far ahead of where we are, but it will come for sure," said Gerald Libercan, technical specialist at Island Health in Victoria, British Columbia. "Healthcare in Canada is a little slow to adopt some of those technologies sometimes."

One of the issues is that most enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors today offer suites of tools that address multiple concerns, including but not limited to file share and sync, security and mobile app management. But most companies only need a few of those components. Plus, organizations find that EMM tools are often not integrated enough with vendors' other offerings.

Tim Riegler, systems engineering manager at Cherry Health in Grand Rapids, Mich., said his company isn't quite ready to implement a host of EMM tools, but they're taking steps -- starting with XenMobile for only mobile application management (MAM).

"We can really control what's on the user's device in such a way that it doesn't impact the users when they leave the organization," he said.

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