WLAN security

Read up on fortifying your wireless LAN.

WLAN security

Wireless LAN security: Why encryption isn't enough
While encryption is certainly a critical aspect of securing WLANs, it is not the end-all. Get some advice on fortifying your wireless LAN with a layered approach to security.

Ten common questions (and answers) on WLAN security
Networking guru Lisa Phifer answers ten commonly asked questions about securing wireless LANs. WLAN security: Beyond the VPN
Consider the advice in this tip when evaluating the fit of VPNs for WLAN security.

Beyond wireless intrusion detection
Unauthorized devices pose a threat to every WLAN. Learn how wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems can help protect your valuable assets.

Signs of WLAN intrusion
In this article, Lisa Phifer shows you how to spot WLAN intrusions.

Securing wireless, part 1: No boundaries
Learn why you must consider and protect every device with a wireless network card: every wireless access point, every computer, every handheld, every bit that travels your network bandwidth, every user, and everywhere they go.

10 Tactics to build a secure wireless network
Learn how to build and deploy secure wireless networks -- regardless of the size of your organization.

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Network Security First-step: Wireless LAN essentials
With the proliferation of Internet viruses and worms, many people and companies are considering increasing their wireless network security. But first, you need to make sense of the complex world of hackers, viruses, and the tools to combat them. Network Security First-step explains the basics of the core technologies that make up and control wireless network security.

Network Security First-step: Wireless security basics
This chapter excerpt explains the basics of the core technologies that make up and control wireless network security.

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