Mobile viruses -- Overview

Learn about mobile viruses and understand the risks mobile devices bring to your enterprise and how to safeguard against mobile malware.

Now that 200 mobile viruses have been identified and enterprises are starting to understand that mobile devices can act as vectors to enter the network, mobile managers must take notice.

Some experts predict that it's only a matter of time before the threat will reach epidemic proportions. Learn about the risks mobile devices bring to your enterprise and what you can do to safeguard against mobile malware.

Virus onslaught sickens smartphones
Mobile viruses are still somewhat of an unknown. They're out there, but they've only just begun. What are they, what do they do, and what can you do for protection?

Experts spot mobile malware warning signs
A mobile malware crisis may not may not be imminent, but it may only be a matter of time. Experts explain which warning signs to look out for.

Mobile phone malware: An enterprise problem? Enterprises don't face much of a threat from cell phone malware right now. But that could change "very rapidly."

'Crossover' malcode could jump from PC to handheld
Researchers say they've found the first malicious code built to spread from desktop PCs to wireless handhelds, and it could signal a shift in the threat landscape.

Proof-of-concepts heighten mobile malware fears
By themselves, Crossover and RedBrowser are fairly harmless, but they're a sign that the digital underground is likely working toward large-scale attacks against handheld devices.

Best practices for protecting handhelds from mobile malware
Mobile malware such as the Cabir worm and Dust virus indicate that it's a good idea to put sound handheld security practices in place now, although antivirus software for handhelds and mobile phones may not be worth the investment.

Immediate measures to lock out mobile threats
Mobile devices today are so commonplace that you may not pay much mind to them, but they can pose threats to your network that must not be ignored.

A new era of computer worms: Wireless mobile worms
In this excerpt of Chapter 9 from "The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense," author Peter Szor dissects the Cabir worm.

Mobile virus handbook
Viruses that attack mobile devices are no longer an exception or proof of concept. In recent months multiple variations of these viruses have reinforced their attacks, revealing an unprecedented and alarming level of exposure. In this mobile virus handbook, published by F-Secure, you'll see a chronicle of attacks, and gain pointed advice for keeping your devices virus free.

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