Mobile device security

Protect your company's mobile devices against potential threats and learn about the risks and discover how to protect your corporate assets.

No topic in the mobile landscape is hotter these days than security. And there's no question that mobile devices threaten your network.

In order to protect your company's network you must be aware of the potential threats mobile devices bring to your network. Learning about the risks is the only way to protect your IT assets.

Get up to speed on mobile malware, viruses and the potential risks your mobile workforce brings to your network and learn how to counter these threats.

  The threats  

  • Mobile phone malware: an enterprise problem?
    Enterprises don't face much of a threat from cell phone malware right now. But that could change "very rapidly."

  • Mobile viruses: Five things every CIO and IT manager should know
    As wireless devices grow in sophistication and number -- it's no surprise that virus writers have begun targeting them. What's surprising is how quickly and how many ways they've found to exploit them. Enterprises should not underestimate this emerging threat. Here we outline five things that every enterprise should know about mobile malware.

  • Many mobile workers without basic security measures
    Enterprises are failing to confront threats to mobile devices, according to a survey, and as a result are suffering security breaches.

  • Proof-of-concepts heighten mobile malware fears
    By themselves, Crossover and RedBrowser are fairly harmless, but they're a sign that the digital underground is likely working toward large-scale attacks against handheld devices.

  • The hidden threat: Residual data security risks of PDAs and smartphones
    Without the proper security measures in place, the exposure of data on mobile devices can result in serious consequences. Here's some quick pointers that will help keep your company data secure.

      Steps to security  

  • Best practices for securing mobile devices
    This article examines some of the primary security issues surrounding mobile devices and suggests what enterprises can do to address them.

  • Immediate measures to lock out mobile threats
    Mobile devices today are so commonplace that not many people pay much mind to them, but they can pose threats to your network that must not be ignored. Here you'll learn how they can harm your network and what you can do to prevent exploits.

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