3G overview

This 3G overview describes the many benefits of 3G wireless technologies.

Understanding how your mobile workforce could benefit from using 3G technologies and deciding which products and services to choose can be quite an undertaking.

This crash course on 3G wireless technology can help. It offers you an overview of the different flavors of 3G, provides a history lesson and describes its many benefits.

First, Lisa Phifer sorts out the cellular alphabet soup and looks at the complex history behind today's 3G wireless. Tim Scannell offers his opinion on whether or not 3G is ready for prime time and Craig Mathias give us an overview of UMTS. Below, you'll also find a mobile telephony fast reference guide and a quiz to test your 3G knowledge.





 3G wireless: The long and winding road

To understand 3G and how 3G networks can benefit your organization's mobility strategy, you must first understand its evolution. In this tip, Lisa Phifer sorts out the cellular alphabet soup and looks at the complex history behind today's 3G wireless.


Opinion: Is 3G ready for prime time?
Tim Scannell says the continued introduction of non-phone and "purpose-built" handheld devices, tablet PCs and notebooks with embedded 3G chipsets will drive 3G to the fast lane

Read "Is 3G ready for prime time?"

A quick look at UMTS
UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service) is a 3G broadband, packet-based transmission of text, digitized voice, video and multimedia. In this column, Craig Mathias discusses the specifications of UMTS, examines the U.S. carriers offering UMTS services and explores its many benefits.

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3G: The CDMA alternative
CDMA2000 is a third-generation (3G) mobile wireless technology that can support mobile data communications at speeds ranging from 144 Kbps to 2 Mbps. In this column, Craig Mathias discusses the history and specifications of CDMA and explores its benefits.

Read about CDMA here.

Mobile telephony fast reference guide
This guide equips the busy mobile user with a quick and easy reference to the most common mobile telephony standards and protocols, grouped by generation. A short definition for each term is provided, along with a link to the full WhatIs.com entry and examples of carriers using the technology.

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Mobile telephony quiz
Now, test your knowledge of mobile telephony by taking this quiz.


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