Wearable devices and emerging technology

  • Mobile application delivery

    Mobile application delivery is a core challenge for the success of mobility, and where mobile middleware once solved delivery problems, recent trends indicate that it will soon be a less vital part of mobility.  Continue Reading

  • Mobile form factors: Handhelds

    The size and layout of a mobile device is just as important as what it does – and the form-factor options in handhelds are both plentiful and growing.  Continue Reading

  • Form factors: Mobile computers

    Craig Mathias looks at mobile form factors, the general size and layout of mobile devices, available to assist your mobile workforce. He explores Micro-PCs, UMPCs, tablets, subnotebooks, ultraportables and mega-notebooks.  Continue Reading

  • Mobile devices: Making the most of mobile services

    Corporate IT departments use mobile device management platforms to enforce mobility policies and acceptable-use best practices. Device management software can install applications, configure settings and assist mobile workers in connecting to ...  Continue Reading

  • Defining mobility solutions

    Mobile solutions fall into one of three distinct philosophical categories and the solution you apply to your enterprise depends to some extent on the particular mobility needs of those involved. Craig Mathias explores three desktop replacement ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile email on 20 keys

    Mobile email is no longer reserved for corporate executives and IT departments need to plan for the next wave of mobilization.  Continue Reading