Mobile infrastructure and applications

  • Boosting business productivity with Bluetooth

    Bluetooth wireless connectivity has been creeping quietly into many of the devices that workers carry into the enterprise every day. ABI predicts that roughly half of the 1.2 billion cell phones sold this year will include Bluetooth. IMS Research ...  Continue Reading

  • WiMAX devices

    WiMAX devices will become more readily available as carriers deploy widespread WiMAX service.  Continue Reading

  • WiMAX security

    Introduction A lot has been written on the topic of WiMAX radio technology, but what about WiMAX security? Should users feel safe that their transmitted data is free from eavesdropping and manipulation? How does a WiMAX operator ensure that only ...  Continue Reading

  • WiMAX performance

    Sprint and Clearwire formed a $14.5 billion joint venture a few weeks ago that will focus entirely on mobile WiMAX. The joint venture will be called Clearwire and includes investment from Google, Intel, Comcast, Time Warner, and Bright House ...  Continue Reading

  • WiMAX services

    WiMAX, a new business opportunity for service providers, is being offered in various stages by both new and established service providers.  Continue Reading

  • WiMAX: What it is and how it works

    WiMAX was once stated to be the biggest thing since the Internet. But hype and confusion have dogged the project since its beginning. The first in five articles on WiMAX will discuss WiMAX technology, applications and terminology.  Continue Reading