Mobile operating systems and devices

  • Mobile email on 20 keys

    Mobile email is no longer reserved for corporate executives and IT departments need to plan for the next wave of mobilization.  Continue Reading

  • Alternative input technologies

    Find your mobile device keypad too restricting? Did you know that it could actually cause thumb-joint damage? (BlackBerry Thumb sound familiar?) In this column, Craig Mathias explores several options designed to help us input information on our ...  Continue Reading

  • Wireless options for PDAs and smartphones

    Wireless PDA and smartphone sales are booming. Most of today's new handhelds have built-in wireless interfaces that can be used to reach other users, corporate servers, and the public Internet. Mobile connectivity has never been easier, but which ...  Continue Reading

  • The Pocket PC -- really

    The physical attributes of mobile devices are particularly important to mobile road warriors. In this tip, Craig Mathias discusses the possibilities of having a fully functional PC but with a PDA form factor.  Continue Reading