Mobile operating systems and devices

  • Understanding mobile convergence

    Mobile convergence is simply the implementation of mobile handsets and similar devices that incorporate more than one radio, with the ability to hand off a connection between these otherwise incompatible physical layers. The objective is to converge...  Continue Reading

  • Remote user security checklist

    The security of remote systems has become more critical as growing numbers of distributed workforces are removed from a controlled central network. CISSP Kevin Beaver provides a list of items to lock down on remote systems.  Continue Reading

  • Windows mobile security: Get it locked down

    Mobile devices have reached the enterprise and they are here to stay. With such a rapidly growing technology, however, comes an ever stronger headache for IT security pros. In this tip, learn about the security risks associated with mobile devices, ...  Continue Reading

  • Protecting data on your BlackBerry

    In this tip, we explore BlackBerry security capabilities most directly related to data protection. You'll discover how tight IT controls and protection options can be combined to safeguard your enterprise's valuable data on a BlackBerry.  Continue Reading

  • Mobile devices: Upgrade considerations

    Mobile device upgrades can be a minefield involving a number of considerations. This tip focuses on how to evaluate a device's age, capability and adaptability for potential hardware or software updates.  Continue Reading

  • Mobile devices: Keeping up with the upgrades

    Determining when and how to upgrade your mobile device arsenal is a challenge many mobility managers will face this year. In his first column of 2008, Craig Mathias discusses some of the important factors you'll need to consider for your upgrade ...  Continue Reading