Enterprise mobility management software and strategy

  • The Era of Infocentricity

    Craig Mathias says the rise of mobility has taught us to rethink IT to the extent of redefining what a computer is. The benefits of this are enormous and define what he terms the Era of Infocentricity. Say goodbye to the compu- and ...  Continue Reading

  • What to do when a laptop is lost or stolen

    There are a few key steps to take if one of your corporate laptops is lost or stolen. These measures will help you respond rather than react, and they will get you back on the road to recovery, minimizing any future worries.  Continue Reading

  • Case Study: Mobilizing the Dutch Rail

    With 10,000 devices in the field, spread across 50 train stations, the case study for mobile applications deployment at Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Rail) is an excellent example of a strategic investment in mobile technologies.  Continue Reading

  • Airline security: Checking your laptop

    Recent events have airlines issuing new rules governing carry-on items. New mandates now force us to check our laptops as baggage. Here, Craig Mathias looks at some things we need to be aware of before we check our laptops and what we need to do to ...  Continue Reading