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Introduction to BlackBerry enterprise mobility management

BlackBerry was once synonymous with smartphones, before the dawn of the iPhone. The BlackBerry enterprise business is now all about mobility management.

BlackBerry's new product line -- the result of its purchase of Good Technology -- is top-notch for any IT shop looking to maximize its EMM strategy, while minimizing costs.

BlackBerry was an early innovator in the smartphone market, until Apple took the industry by storm. Despite heavy competition and a declining device business, the company never went away; it just changed its focus.

BlackBerry's eyes are now on the huge opportunity in enterprise mobility management (EMM). BlackBerry enterprise mobility management is, in fact, a market leader, with a competitive suite of products.

BlackBerry EMM products include not only mobile device management (MDM), but also end-to-end security -- which is rapidly becoming an essential requirement -- mobile app management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM), auditing and archiving. And they come with on-premises and cloud deployment options.

BlackBerry's eyes are now on the huge opportunity in enterprise mobility management.

The key component is the Good Secure EMM Suites product line, which BlackBerry purchased as part of its acquisition of competitor Good Technology in 2015 and is now known as BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. The product also includes identity management and mobile security features, in addition to MDM, MAM and MCM.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) is arguably the product that, besides its groundbreaking smartphones, put BlackBerry on the map. The latest version, BES12, is the backbone of the end-to-end security and multi-platform support capabilities noted above, and it works with iOS, Android -- including Android for Work and Samsung Knox -- Windows and, of course, the BlackBerry operating system.

All of the key mobility management capabilities noted above are available in BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. Other features include secure file synchronization and editing, digital rights management, jailbreak and rooting detection, license management, authentication, messaging and secure business apps. The inclusion of apps is important, because business customers find such one-stop-shopping strategies appealing, as they seek to minimize cost and complexity, while maximizing productivity.

BlackBerry enterprise mobility management and security products and services should be on the short list for IT shops seeking to deploy, enhance and scale their mobile operations. The overlap in product offerings will require a conversation with someone from BlackBerry sales, but it shouldn't take too long for any organization to get to a configuration that meets their needs.

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