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Test your knowledge of mobile security issues

As the mobile enterprise grows, so do cyberthreats. See how well you know the top mobile security risks, and learn how to better protect employees and organizations from them.

Employees are pushing for more mobile access in all organizations, and while mobility gives workers freedom, that freedom brings security risks that IT must know about.

From stolen passwords to firewall intrusions, there are many ways that a mobile device can be an attacker's key into a corporate or private network. IT can take preventative steps to lock down devices, such as implementing biometric authentication and using data encryption for applications. Mobile users can provide this access without even realizing by simply connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. It is up to IT to stop these mobile security issues before they happen.

Whether you're a mobile device user or an IT admin managing hundreds of mobile devices, these security risks are not to be taken lightly. Challenge yourself with this quiz, and memorize the best practice answers.

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