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Test your iOS management and security expertise

Apple has introduced more and more iOS management and security features for IT over the past couple years. How well do you understand the tools at your disposal?

Apple iOS devices are as popular as ever among employees, and IT departments should make sure they're acquainted with the iOS management and security features available in their tool belt.

IT can protect corporate data on iOS devices and applications through a combination of native capabilities Apple introduced in the mobile operating system. The locked-down approach and overall uniformity -- roughly four out of five iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 8 -- make IT's job a little easier, but there's always room for improvement.

That's why Apple has catered even more to the enterprise over the last few years by bolstering iOS management and security with features such as fingerprint authentication, open-in management and automatic mobile device management (MDM) enrollment on corporate-owned devices. Take this iOS quiz to see how well you've been keeping up.

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