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Study up on mobile biometrics

Biometrics has become a hot topic in mobile technology, as it provides a valuable layer of security to devices and apps. Refresh your memory on the authentication method with this quiz.

Biometric technology is gaining attention in businesses as IT looks for ways to handle the rise of mobile devices.

Mobile biometrics provides employees with a personal identification method to access their resources and keep them secure. It also provides IT another layer of mobile security for corporate data. Before you move forward with mobile biometrics, refresh your knowledge with this quiz to make sure you know the details of this technology.

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What type of mobile biometrics do you think is most adaptable for enterprise use?
Nice questions and answers also, so thanks!
The author of this article is badly mistaken about the answer to the question: True or false: Mobile biometrics requires a person's unique genetic markings to grant access to a device. Please read the definition of genetic marker (Wikipedia), and identify which technology (in use, or even in research) has been adapted to mobile devices to identify genetic markers.