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Show off your knowledge of Apple Watch for business users

The Apple Watch's release caused a stir, but does it fit in the office? This quiz tests you on the top Apple Watch business features that could bring the device into the workplace.

Although not the first smartwatch on the market, the Apple Watch really put the device type on the map. It also introduced questions about the Apple Watch for business users and whether or not it could find a place in the enterprise.

With its host of apps, there is some potential for the Apple Watch in the enterprise. Still, there are some drawbacks. Siri is text-only, creating apps for the Apple Watch is time-consuming and hackers can intercept the information that travels between the Apple Watch and a user's iPhone or iPad.

Still, it's interesting to consider the Apple Watch's enterprise possibilities. Show off how well you know the Apple Watch with this quiz covering some key features and functionality.

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