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Prove your knowledge of security for mobile devices

Do you know what it takes to provide mobile security? Take this quiz that covers differences in mobile OSes, containerization, data encryption and more.

When desktop PCs were the only game in town, not many employees were roaming around outside the office with their computers.

Now it's rare for users to go anywhere without their smartphones or tablets. And, those mobile devices are often home to important or sensitive business data. All it takes is a little slip up, such as a user losing a device, not using a password or downloading the wrong app, and a hacker could get into an organization's systems. IT needs to take steps to prevent such catastrophes, which is why security for mobile devices is so crucial nowadays.

Put your mobile security knowledge to the test with this quiz on mobile device encryption, containerization and more.

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What is the biggest mobile data security threat?
Did not do to bad on the quiz. One of my big concerns with mobile security is loss of the device. Whether it's a phone, tablet or wearable you could be exposing your data.