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How well do you know MBaaS as a mobile app development strategy?

Put your knowledge of mobile backend as a service to the test with this quiz on how it connects to back-end infrastructure, what MBaaS is and more.

Among the sea of mobile application development tools out there, from mobile application development platforms to app refactoring, mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) separates itself in a few ways.

MBaaS, a cloud-based technology, is valuable to a mobile app development strategy because it provides the back-end infrastructure to connect apps to a company's data and servers. That means developers do not have to spend time setting up the back-end connections for each app they build. MBaaS services also come with built-in security and management controls. All of these features save time and let developers focus on what really matters: application performance and user experience. As a result, MBaaS is the perfect fit for companies that need to produce a lot of apps fast.

Show off how much you know about MBaaS as an aspect of a mobile app development strategy, including one common obstacle, how it connects to back-end infrastructure and more.

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