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How much do you know about Android data security?

Android is a popular mobile OS among consumers, but its well-known security gaps make many businesses pause. Test your knowledge of Android's data security.

Android's security vulnerabilities may scare away some organizations, but Google has taken steps to improve IT control in its operating system updates and with the introduction of Android for Work.

Android is an open source operating system (OS), which means that users, developers and anyone else in the community has the opportunity to make changes to the system and create malicious apps. Users have an endless number of third-party apps to choose from, making the main source of Android data security holes the applications themselves.

For instance, Android mobile devices ask the user to approve the data and features each app can access, but most users simply accept the risks without concern for the security of enterprise data. Once an app is on the device, there's no telling what sort of data it will access or whether it contains malware or other vulnerabilities.

If you are considering supporting Android devices within your organization or are already doing so, you should know what security measures IT can take to protect corporate data. Put your knowledge to the test with a quick quiz on Android data security.

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