• Five steps to mobile unified communications

    In this interactive podcast, Michael Finneran and Kara Gattine count down the top five tips that communication pros need to know when investigating a mobile unified communications (UC) solution.

  • Podcast: The truth about network security and mobile device access

    In this 10 minute podcast, Lisa Phifer and Kate Dostart engage in some 'Fact or Fiction' to dispel some common misconceptions about network access, authentication, control, and over-the-air security for mobile laptops, PDAs, and smart phones.

  • Podcast: FAQs on mobile policies

    In this 10 minute podcast, you'll get answers and approaches to frequently asked questions about developing corporate mobile policies, including key considerations for creating customized policies for individual enterprises.

  • Podcast: Extending the network to the mobile workforce

    In this podcast, Jack Gold and Kate Dostart count down the top five tips that mobility professionals need to know when it's time to extend existing applications to mobile devices to improve worker productivity.

  • Going green: Recycling and energy saving tips for mobile devices -- podcast

    Learn to save money while you save the earth by conserving energy and battery life on your enterprise mobile devices and in your network infrastructure. In this 10-minute podcast, wireless mobility expert Craig Mathias talks about how to get the most use out of your mobile devices and batteries; how to conserve energy in network infrastructure; and how to recycle those pieces of technology once they've expired.

  • The Mobile Messenger audio downloads

    In this podcast, SearchMobileComputing's Andrew Hickey and Daniel Taylor of the Mobile Enterprise Alliance discuss the steps that IT departments should take to develop a set of policies for managing mobility in their organizations.

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