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Five ways Android for Work makes IT admins happy


Separate work and play with app containers

Source:  peshkova/Fotolia
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

A work application with critical business data that lives on a user's personal smartphone or tablet is a disaster waiting to happen. Without IT controls over data sharing, a user can transfer sensitive information to any services she wants and to anyone she wants. Malware is also an issue because it can infect corporate information through personal apps or malicious websites users might access in their spare time.

Android for Work can help IT admins solve those problems with app containers that quarter off a separate work profile from which IT can control and provision business-related apps. Admins using enterprise mobility management consoles from vendors such as Citrix or MobileIron can continue to do so to manage Android for Work business profiles.

With work profiles, IT admins can also set content sharing restrictions and create work-related notifications. Users get to enjoy a native app experience. (The only change for the user is a badge in the shape of a red briefcase on business apps labeling them as part of the secure Android for Work container.)

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