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Five useful Apple Watch applications for business


Skate through slideshows with PowerPoint Remote

Source:  photo: iStock; app: Microsoft
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans/TechTarget

Changing slides on a PowerPoint can interrupt the flow of a presentation, but Microsoft is playing nice with Apple to help eliminate that problem. The company updated its PowerPoint for iOS app to include PowerPoint Remote for Apple Watch.

The PowerPoint Remote app serves as a remote control for slideshows, allowing users to go forward or backward through presentation slides with a tap of the Watch. Employees can also use the Watch to time their presentation and check which slide they're on.

Microsoft also updated its OneDrive for iOS app to offer Apple Watch functionality, so there is potential for other Microsoft apps to someday become available on your wrist.

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Which other apps should Microsoft open up for use on Apple Watches?
This sounds handy, but it's always good to have a plan in case the device fails, especially in a space your not familiar with. I like that the Watch lists which slide the presentation is on, that seems like functionality not currently available on wireless remotes. 

I wonder if people using the Apple Watch remote will find ways to hide the awkward action of touching a wristwatch? Put their hands behind their backs, perhaps?