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Five useful Apple Watch applications for business


Invoice2Go logs invoices, payments and time at work

Source:  photo: iStock; app: Invoice2go
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans/TechTarget

Employees can clock in and out of jobs, send invoices and receive payment receipts using Australian startup Invoice2Go's app for Apple Watch.

Invoice2Go for Apple Watch is useful for small businesses and companies that do contracting work, because it allows contractors to keep track of their own time and takes some of the burden off small payroll departments. Workers can also program the app to associate locations with specific jobs, so if they enter that area, the app will ask if they want to track their time.

Employees will be just as interested in Invoice2Go's other functionality: getting them paid. After finishing a job users can review total time worked, rate per hour and total compensation all from the Apple Watch app. A simple tap of the Send Invoice button delivers the invoice to the customer, and the user receives a notification upon payment.

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Could Invoice2Go improve your company's time and payment tracking?
The context-specific tracking is a great feature I have seen in personal productivity apps, but not in this context before. Just as I'd want to be reminded "buy milk" when I walk into the grocery store, I want a device to suggest I track my time when I walk into a client site. These are the kinds of things computers are better at than human brains. My hesitation is whether I would buy an Apple Watch or other wearable just to use this app. If the phone app was similarly simple and could buzz in my pocket when walking on site with a client, it would be an improvement over the apps I've used so far.