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Drawing a line on device proliferation

Thanks to some new research, enterprises now have a better way to decide who really need a mobile device.

While vendors would have us all believe that one day, all knowledge workers will be armed with a notebook, PDA, smart phone, smart watch and whatever RFID implant system that will one day beam knowledge directly to our brains.

Fortunately, we know better. In fact, if you read News Writer Jim Rendon's article last week, you know that not every mobile employee needs a mobile device. Forrester's David Friedlander offered a number of helpful suggestions for breaking down device needs by job category, so that executives have whatever devices they need to access key information away from the office, while remote workers who rarely leave their desks aren't given mobile devices they don't need.

As many companies are learning, providing mobile device to a large number of employees can be an expensive proposition. In order to keep costs under control, the line must be drawn somewhere, and now IT departments at least have a place to start.

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