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iAnywhere makes e-mail apps more Lotus friendly

Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere has upgraded its Pylon line of mobile e-mail products, enabling users to interface with e-mail on IBM Lotus Domino servers.

iAnywhere Solutions Inc, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc., recently announced upgrades to its Pylon family of mobile e-mail products; the improvements will allow users to interface with IBM Lotus Domino servers.

The upgrades from the Dublin, Calif.-based wireless company are focused on synchronization from desktop computers to handheld device, as well as communication from the server to mobile devices over wireless networks -- including both wide area networks and local area networks.

The Pylon iAnywhere product is a client-server tool designed to enhance e-mail functions, including enabling the server to push e-mail and alerts to a broad range of devices, including PDAs, laptops and even WAP-enabled cell phones.

The Pylon application server synchronizes with Lotus Notes e-mail and calendaring, as well as custom Lotus-based applications.

The biggest benefit of these upgrades is that it brings all of the company's mobile functions into one platform, said Stephen Drake, a program manager with Framingham, Mass.-based research firm International Data Corp. With this product suite, businesses can have wireless access to all of their e-mail, calendars and Lotus-based applications, Drake said.

These product upgrades represent the fruits of Sybase's acquisition of AvantGo Inc., which was folded into iAnywhere in February. AvantGo's syncing technology -- along with its other applications -- have been added to iAnywhere's products, said Diana Ungersma, senior product manager with iAnywhere.

"We now have a complete solution set for any enterprise's mobile needs," she said.

The company has also released its Pylon Desktop products, which extend mobile e-mail to handheld devices through syncing. The products have cut syncing time in half and allow the use of multiple calendars, Ungersma said.

While many companies offer mobile e-mail products, iAnywhere is different, said Drake, because iAnywhere's approach caters to the broader mobile needs of many businesses who need to access more than just e-mail. iAnywhere is also one of the few companies to offer tight integration with Lotus Notes, he said.


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