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Here's a quick overview of the five newsletters we'll be offering to our members: Mobile News The enterprise mobile...

industry is expanding and evolving faster. In order to do an effective job of managing your mobile environment, you need to stay on top of these rapid changes as they happen. Delivered four times a week, the Mobile News will keep you up to speed on recent developments with major vendors, analysis of mobile technologies, updates on new products and standards, industry trends, and more.

The Mobile Innovators
Delivered monthly, The Mobile Innovators newsletter spotlights IT organizations that are making strides in selecting, managing, deploying, tracking, supporting and securing mobile users and devices. These reports include case studies and commentary straight from the IT managers who are leading the mobile charge. Learn from their ongoing ideas and best practices information and build a streamlined business at great competitive advantage. Among the applications we spotlight are field sales automation, remote service and support, wireless LAN deployment, PDA applications, and much more.

Mobile Security Bulletin
Enterprisewide mobile technologies can save your organization time, cut costs and improve productivity, but they can also open your systems up to a host of new security threats. Delivered monthly, The Mobile Security Bulletin will keep you up to date on the latest threats to your mobile environment. Get proven techniques and expert advice on how to lock down mobile security across your enterprise -- before it's too late.

Mobile Trends
Delivered twice a month, this newsletter cuts through the hype and offers a balanced, unbiased view of hot technologies and trends emerging in the mobile market. news writer Jim Rendon and news editor Eric Parizo will sift through the mountains of news releases and tell you how they matter to your IT mobile enterprise -- after speaking to analysts and users. Let them wade through the muck to bring you the most relevant information on mobile product selection, product updates, ROI info, technology sneak peeks, and more!

The Mobile Advisor
Delivered twice a month, the Mobile Advisor provides IT managers with solid, hands-on tips and advice on key mobile implementation and management issues. Topics include: mobile deployment, policies and standards, mobile security, integration, performance management, return on investment, product advice and much more.

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