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Enterprise mobile experts offer 2015 IT forecast

This year saw shifts in enterprise mobility, with management moving from devices to apps and data. Experts tell us what to expect in 2015.

There were big changes for enterprise mobile in 2014, with more to come in 2015 thanks to shifts in device management, application development and mobility vendor focus.

The year started off with a bang, with VMware purchasing enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendor AirWatch for over $1.5 billion. The rate of major mobile acquisitions from there slowed, with vendors focusing on bridging feature gaps for unified device management and partnerships.

There were a number of cross-platform mobility partnerships, with IBM and Apple partnering to deliver enterprise iOS apps, Google and Samsung working together for a new enterprise container on Android devices, BlackBerry teaming with Samsung on BlackBerry Enterprise Service and Microsoft making inroads with several partners around Office 365 and cloud platforms.

SearchConsumerization.com asked enterprise mobility experts what's to come in 2015. Their answers focused on the still-underdeveloped market for custom mobile applications, the influx of Internet of Things (IoT) data and devices for enterprise, the need for legacy vendors to evolve and the future of EMM.

Here's what they had to say:

Michael Oh, founder, Tech Superpowers, Inc., IT managed service provider and Apple reseller in Boston
"If Apple wants to continue to see growth and hit these very aggressive targets that analysts and stockholders sort of set for them, or just talk about in terms of unit sales, especially on the tablet side of things, they have to clearly do more than be accepted at the table. They have to be laying the table. I think [the Apple/IBM] partnership starts to show sort of a vision."

"To me it seems like this is Tim Cook's Apple. It's not the Jobs-ian Apple that's just making devices. They're starting to broaden their scope and do these partnerships. That can be really significant. You're going to see just as many Apple devices driven by these [enterprise] platforms as much by you will by consumerization and I think that's going to be the trend for 2015."

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What are your predictions for enterprise mobility in 2015?
It will be interesting to see how CIOs take on enterprise mobility in 2015. AS BYOD continues to grow, CIOs will need to react/respond immediately to make sure its managed successfully.
I believe that the pendulum of BYOD from a migration perspective has reached its apex, and that more enterprises will look at this phenomenon from an "augmentation" point of view.  COPE device model adoption will continue to grow as an alternative to BYO.  The IoT movement will continue to explode the number of connected devices that enterprises will need to manage,  and along with this explosion, the need and desire for integrated EMM/MDM and outsourced MMS solutions will grow accordingly.