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Microsoft fixes Surface Pro tablet bugs with March Patch Tuesday release

Microsoft releases firmware update in its Patch Tuesday release for Surface Pro tablets, fixing Wi-Fi connectivity and other issues.

Surface Pro and Surface RT users welcomed the latest March Patch Tuesday release, in which Microsoft provided a firmware upgrade for the Surface Pro tablet to help improve issues surrounding connectivity and other usability problems.

A wireless issue came to light when end users complained about limited connectivity using Microsoft's new Surface tablets. Although the issue was sporadic across the Surface product line, it was enough for end users to voice concerns about the bug.

It is still too early to tell whether these first generation product issues will have any long-term impacts on enterprise adoption, but some early testers were disappointed with Microsoft's initial release of Surface.

"I'm angry at Microsoft at what was a mangled Surface release," said Alexei Miller, executive vice president of DataArt, a New York-based custom software developer. "It's an excellent product and it's hugely under appreciated by the market. [However], the basic productivity apps of Surface were not up to snuff." In comparison, Miller described Microsoft's Windows Phone as a well-thought-out product.

Microsoft's Surface update was part of its monthly Patch Tuesday release, which also included patches related to Internet Explorer and USB driver vulnerabilities, among others.

In addition to fixes for wireless connectivity problems, updates for Surface include enabling Windows to Go on a USB stick for the Surface Pro, improved onscreen keyboard detection synchronization when the device goes in and out of sleep, and resolving issues with the volume button and random muting of the tablet.

The patch also includes track pad improvement performance issues, and improved touch and type experience on soft surfaces and when keyboards and devices lie flat.

Surface Forums community members who have downloaded the patch expressed mixed results on the updates. Some end users noted their updates went smoothly while others said it took several tries.

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