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Consumerization Quotes: From Seinfeld to BYOD

The consumerization of IT was a hot topic at recent networking, security and virtualization conferences, showing just how widespread the trend is.

BYOD programs, mobile application management and Android malware all got the IT community talking this week.

Most of these Consumerization Quotes came from a wide range of conferences, including Interop, Information Security Decisions and the VMware Forum in Boston -- which just goes to show how consumerization is affecting all areas of IT: 

“Water cooler chatter 15 years ago used to be about what happened on Seinfeld. Now it's ‘Look at what I’m doing on the enterprise network with my mobile device.’”
Bob Egan, vice president of mobile strategy at Mobiquity

Enterprise IT isn’t usually a hot topic among business workers, unless they’re complaining about their email being down. But as Egan’s comment during an Interop panel illustrates, end users now drive IT decisions and share ideas on how to use mobile technology better in the workplace. Any BYOD policy must take this new reality into account.

“At the end of the day, what users want is their apps and data on any device.”
Vittorio Viarengo, VMware’s vice president of end-user computing

Viarengo’s quote is important because it acknowledges that virtualization isn’t the only way to deliver applications and data to mobile devices. VMware’s end-user computing initiative also includes Horizon Application Manager, which lets IT create enterprise app stores, and Octopus, an enterprise file-sharing and storage service.

“The security review is much less effective, and there are no repercussions.”
Dan Guido, cofounder and CEO, Trail of Bits

Guido makes this comment in reference to Google Play, the official Android app store that has drawn criticism for its lax security measures. Google reviews new apps for malware, but once they’re approved, designers can then modify them and add malicious code without further scrutiny -- a major problem with the Android security model.

“You could pay me a million dollars a year and, if I don't like the environment, I'm not going to take it.”
Jeremy Baumgartner, systems engineer, SRC Technologies

This quote illustrates the attitude of Millennial employees -- workers under 30 -- in the business world today. These employees are the driving force behind consumerization, and workplace culture, especially leadership, flexibility and choice of technology, are major factors in their employment decisions.

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