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Consumerization Quotes: ‘The OS does not matter’

Citrix Synergy, the Oracle vs. Google verdict and other news got IT community members talking this week. Here’s the best of what they had to say.

Welcome to the first installment of our Consumerization Quotes feature, a look at the week’s happenings through the words of newsmakers, IT pros, analysts and bloggers.

This week’s news included some big announcements at Citrix Synergy and a partial verdict in Google and Oracle’s court battle over Android. Here’s what the IT community had to say about these stories and other hot topics around the consumerization of IT:

"We are simply at the point where the OS does not matter, nor do we want it to matter."
Nathan McBride, vice president of IT for a pharmaceuticals company in Lexington, Mass.

McBride makes this comment in an article about Citrix Systems’ acquisition of Virtual Computer, news that scooped this week before Synergy began. And he puts his money where his mouth is: McBride’s company used to use Virtual Computer’s NxTop client hypervisor but ditched its entire VDI strategy so it wouldn’t have to rely on Windows anymore. If more organizations take this approach, the post-PC era may be closer than we think.

“Microsoft Word in its desktop incarnation has way too many features that aren’t really necessary on a mobile device.”
Brian Katz, a director of mobile engineering and enterprise mobility blogger

You could also argue that Word has too many features that aren’t really necessary on the desktop, but that’s not Katz’s point. Instead, he focuses on the difference between desktop and mobile apps -- specifically that mobile apps need to be more user-friendly and tailored to different tasks than desktop apps are. If not, he warns, you’ll end up not with applications but with “crapplications.”  

“There was a group that was reluctant -- a mix of old timers and others that didn’t understand it.”
John Doyle, director of technology and communications for Alure Home Improvements

Doyle’s talking about his company’s experience with Yammer, a Twitter-like platform for enterprise collaboration. IT pros face some resistance to Yammer and other social collaboration tools, but users who rely on social networking for communication in their personal lives help to popularize the technology at work -- sometimes at email’s expense.

“Every major commercial enterprise -- except Google -- has a license for Java and maintains compatibility to run across all computing platforms.”
Oracle, in a prepared statement

Oracle’s comments came after a jury ruled that Google’s Android infringes on the copyrights of 37 Java application programming interfaces (APIs). It was a small victory for Oracle, because the jury deadlocked on whether or not Google violated fair use principles. The rest of the Oracle vs. Google Java lawsuit hinges on whether or not Google violated two Java patents.

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