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Exchange admins await iPhone iOS 4 fix

IT shops are still looking for a real fix to the performance drain caused by Apple's new iPhone operating system, iOS 4, and Exchange ActiveSync.

Employees who snapped up the new iPhone 4 or updated to the iOS 4 software recently may still experience sluggish performance with Exchange ActiveSync. There are some available workarounds, but Microsoft Exchange administrators are still looking for a real fix.

The performance issue, which came to light earlier this month, causes heavier than normal loads on servers as well as sync issues with email, the calendar and contacts. Apple Inc. published a workaround on July 1 that should make syncs between iOS4 and EAS easier and increase server performance.

Microsoft, however, said on its company blog that Apple promised to deliver a fix to those problems and other email-related issues. Apple did not respond to requests for comment and has not offered a timeline.

In the meantime, Exchange admins seeing heavier than normal server loads from iOS4 users can push a configuration profile to end users to change the timeout connection to four minutes, which should be long enough for most employees, according to Microsoft. Apple recommends installing the profile on as many iOS 4 devices within the organization as possible for best results.

Beyond that, admins can edit the XML file in any text editor by searching for "240.0" and changing the number of seconds.

The release of iOS 4 and the subsequent re-syncing of data by thousands of users also overloaded Google's servers and caused issues with Google Sync services and Exchange ActiveSync. The issue has been resolved, according to Google.

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