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BlackBerry Thunder/Storm rumored priced at $199

RIM's first BlackBerry touchscreen, the Storm or the Thunder, inspires many rumors though it is still unavailable. One video already exists, showing off a pre-production model.

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Rumors of RIM's first BlackBerry touchscreen have begun to leak out. Lacking both RIM's signature touchscreen and trackball, the touchscreen is rumored to have haptic technology to give the sensation of touching physical buttons.

More news about BlackBerry's first non-physical keyboard device, the BlackBerry Storm/Thunder, is starting to trickle in before the official debut.

Several web outlets are reporting that the Verizon release of of this device will be called the Storm and come in at a $199 in-contract price. This places it squarely as a competetior to the iPhone 3G.

Video published of BlackBerry Storm/Thunder on YouTube
A Yahoo QA engineer, who goes by the name of BREW Ninja, has released a video on YouTube which details some of the user interface features of the coming BlackBerry Storm/Thunder.

In his opinion, the touchscreen is not very good as the entire screen acts like a button and requires a deliberate hard press in order to register clicks. He also offers opinions about the screen and accelerometer function used in the Storm/Thunder.

To view the video of the BlackBerry Storm/Thunder, visit YouTube.

More about the BlackBerry Storm/Thunder
The BlackBerry Storm/Thunder will be BlackBerry's first device to not feature a physical keyboard. It will be a slate device similar to the iPhone and Palm TX handhelds. The screen will feature haptic technology to better replicate the feeling of physical buttons on the screen.

The BlackBerry Storm/Thunder is also rumored to feature the latest BlackBerry operating system. This operating system will see substantial improvements in the core applications, web browsing, and user interface.

It is rumored to be coming this Fall. Both GSM and CDMA variants are reported to be in testing now. The Verizon variant (CDMA) has been labled the Storm, while the other is called Thunder.

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