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More of BlackBerry's first clamshell details leak

More details on BlackBerry's first clamshell style mobile device have been leaked.

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More details on BlackBerry's first clamshell style mobile device have been leaked. The device will purportedly have typical BlackBerry features of the SureType keypad and a trackball.

Early this month, the first solid report of a clamshell BlackBerry emerged. Now, much more information on this upcoming device has leaked out of RIM. has obtained a document entitled "The BlackBerry Flip Experience" that details how this new device will perform.

It doesn't give the name of the upcoming model, but previous rumors have indicated that it is code-named the Kickstart.

The document does have a number of rendered images of the device, but these don't give a complete picture of this model. Still, a set of images that leaked earlier show that it will have a SureType keyboard and a trackball.

Clamshell in action
The "BlackBerry Flip Experience" makes it clear that RIM is at least mildly concerned that some users of current BlackBerry tablets will be opposed to switching to a clamshell design.

It says:

The external LCD lets the user know WHO messaged them and provides a brief preview of the content (if enabled) -- allows the user to decide if they wish to open the flip to deal with the message

Opening the flip then allows them to deal with the message -- just like retrieving a Candy-Bar BlackBerry from its holster.

Details on the Sidekick remain sketchy. Aside from the fact that it's expected to be released later this year and the information revealed in this leak, little else is known, including the price or which wireless carrier(s) will offer it.

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