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Nokia E66, E71 images, details leaked

Images and details on Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 were leaked recently.

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Two new and unreleased devices from Nokia were leaked recently. Both the Nokia E66 and the Nokia E71 will be available in North American and will work on 3G networks.

Nokia is readying two E-series devices -- the E66 and E71 -- for release soon, as evidenced by press photos shown at the Mobile Phone Helpdesk website.

The shots show the E66, a slider running Symbian S60 Feature Pack 2, a long awaited update to the S60 user interface. Rumors have also peg the E66 with an updated office suite and a 3.2 MPx auto-focus camera.

The E71 will have a QWERTY with the BlackBerry/Treo/Motorola Q format. It will be an update to the Nokia E61i featuring a slimmer profile and increased feature set.

Unlike the E66, the E71 is slated to feature S60 Feature Pack 1. However, it will feature a 320x240 screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and UMTS connectivity.

This smartphone has had not just press shots, but a full review done before its on-sale date. The Boy Genius Report has put together a review of a near-production unit.

The E71 is going to be released in European and N. American 3G flavors. Recent rumors also point to a possible inclusion on the AT&T carrier deck.

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