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Evidence for 3G iPhone emerges

Evidence of a 3G iPhone has appeared buried in a recent release to developers of Apple software.

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Evidence of a 3G iPhone has appeared buried in a recent release to developers of Apple software. Though Apple has not stated anything publicly, rumors suggest the 3G version could appear as early as summer 2008.

For the benefit of anyone who still has doubts, buried in software Apple has released to developers is strong evidence that the next generation iPhone will have 3G cellular-wireless networking capabilities.

Apple has released a new beta of the iPhone software development kit (SDK), and along with this is an early version of Firmware 2.0, which will eventually become the system software for iPhones of all stripes.

The team responsible for the ZiPhone jailbreaking software went hunting in the Firmware, and discovered a reference to "SGOLD3." This is a clear reference to the Infineon SGOLD3H processor that, among other things, offers 3G support.

An earlier version of this chip, the SGOLD2, provides 2.5G access to the current iPhone.

A virtual certainty
There can be little doubt Apple intends to release the iPhone 3G -- the head of AT&T has promised it, but Apple itself hasn't said anything definite.

According to numerous but unconfirmed reports, this smartphone will hit the market late this spring or early this summer.

The addition of 3G to the iPhone would allow it to connect to faster cellular-wireless networks, increasing the speed at which users can surf the Web and exchange email. The current version used the 2.5G standard EDGE.

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