Problem solve

Get help with specific problems with your technologies, process and projects.

Problem solve

Get help with specific problems with your technologies, process and projects.

  • Mobile unified communications products

    The goal of mobile unified communications (UC) is to enable the enterprise to extend telephony features to its mobile users, making them more productive, regardless of location. Learn how to evaluate mobile UC product capabilities and limitations in... Continue Reading

  • Understanding mobile convergence

    Mobile convergence is simply the implementation of mobile handsets and similar devices that incorporate more than one radio, with the ability to hand off a connection between these otherwise incompatible physical layers. The objective is to converge... Continue Reading

  • Wipe a mobile device via the Exchange ActiveSync Web Admin tool

    If installing the Exchange ActiveSync Web Administration tool has limited your ability to wipe a mobile device, you may need to upgrade to the latest version. Continue Reading

  • Two-factor authentication: Mobile security at your fingertips

    Two-factor authentication -- the security process that requires two means of identification, one of which is usually a physical token such as a fingerprint, the other typically being a password -- is more complex than using just one authentication ... Continue Reading

  • Boosting business productivity with Bluetooth

    Bluetooth wireless connectivity has been creeping quietly into many of the devices that workers carry into the enterprise every day. ABI predicts that roughly half of the 1.2 billion cell phones sold this year will include Bluetooth. IMS Research ... Continue Reading

  • Remote user security checklist

    The security of remote systems has become more critical as growing numbers of distributed workforces are removed from a controlled central network. CISSP Kevin Beaver provides a list of items to lock down on remote systems.Continue Reading

  • Windows mobile security: Get it locked down

    Mobile devices have reached the enterprise and they are here to stay. With such a rapidly growing technology, however, comes an ever stronger headache for IT security pros. In this tip, learn about the security risks associated with mobile devices, ...Continue Reading

  • Securing your Windows Mobile devices

    Until recently, Windows Mobile devices lacked the native management and security capabilities long associated with BlackBerrys. Many third-party device management and security solutions were (and still are) available for Windows Mobile. However, ...Continue Reading

  • In-the-cloud defenses for mobile malware

    Mobile antivirus programs apply laptop best practices to PDAs and smartphones, but there are many other ways to protect corporate assets from mobile malware. Complementary "in the cloud" defenses include enterprise sync servers, network gateways and...Continue Reading

  • Real-time location systems: Can you find me now?

    Real-time location systems (RTLS) have been around for years. Retailers use these systems to track inventory, and trucking companies use them for fleet tracking. Although the two applications sound similar, the underlying RTLS technology for both ...Continue Reading

  • On-device defenses for mobile malware

    As workforces grow increasingly dependent on smartphones, mobile threats warrant serious consideration. As discussed last month, mobile malware barriers are falling fast, at precisely the time when mobile users are becoming a bigger, juicier target....Continue Reading

  • WiMAX devices

    WiMAX devices will become more readily available as carriers deploy widespread WiMAX service.Continue Reading

  • Mobile security culture starts at the top

    No business should operate today without a solid plan for the security of data on mobile devices, networks and applications.Continue Reading

  • Is malware coming to a smartphone near you?

    Mobile malware has grown increasingly malicious and financially motivated. In this tip, you'll learn the history of mobile malware and how it can sneak in your back door.Continue Reading

  • WiMAX security

    Introduction A lot has been written on the topic of WiMAX radio technology, but what about WiMAX security? Should users feel safe that their transmitted data is free from eavesdropping and manipulation? How does a WiMAX operator ensure that only ...Continue Reading