• September 22, 2009 22 Sep'09

    Ensuring mobile data protection for smartphones is critical

    The tidal wave of threats against your company's IT resources -- and in particular, its data -- has never been higher. As users store company data to their smartphones and similar mobile devices, we asked Sean Glynn, head of product development with...

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    • Driving IT Success From Edge to Cloud to the Bottom Line

      Edge computing is a allowing IT to deliver insight-enabled business benefits that drive new revenue streams, enhance customer engagement, accelerate innovation and make life easier and more efficient for employees, partners and others across their supply chains and ecosystems. See More

    • Enabling Hybrid Work 2.0

      When the pandemic crisis hit, IT teams responded with amazing agility to the business’s demand for a nearly complete shift, in just days, to remote work. Many organizations were able to continue operating only because of the technology team’s rapid response. But IT can’t rest on its laurels. Now that there is time to think, plan and optimize, it has become clear that enhancements and new functionality to support remote and hybrid work are necessary. See More

    • Deliver Improved Customer and Employee Experience with Insights and Intelligence from Dynamics 365

      The ability to quickly and accurately leverage insights and intelligence is becoming more and more critical for organizations looking to create personalized and differentiated experiences for customers, employees and everyone else across their supply chains and ecosystems. See More

    • Surface Laptop Go: A Cost-Effective Microsoft Device for the Hybrid Workforce

      This quality laptop, designed for the age of hybrid work, provides a balance of performance, functionality, portability and style that appeals to IT teams and employees without breaking the bank. See More

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