Mobile Policies

  • April 23, 2003 23 Apr'03

    Retro joysticks deliver blasts from the past

    If you've been pining for Pong or aching for Asteroids in these complicated times of Active Directory and ROI, don't despair. There are at least a couple of companies out there that feel the same way you do. They're putting the joy back in the ...

  • March 27, 2003 27 Mar'03

    Gartner: Mobile success hinges on today's planning

    An analyst who spoke at this week's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo says that long-term success with mobile devices in the enterprise will require IT managers to take control of the proliferating PDAs and smart phones in their workforces today; they must ...

  • March 04, 2003 04 Mar'03

    Titans of IM duke it out for enterprise supremacy

    The "Big Three" instant messaging vendors are getting warmed up for a fierce competition to make their software best in class, as IM becomes transformed into a mainstream business application. Analysts and other experts outline the strengths and ...

  • February 05, 2003 05 Feb'03

    Networking mailbag: Withstanding 802.11g forces

    Recently, we asked readers what they thought about 802.11g, the unratified wireless standard that has started hitting the market in some mobile devices. Here are some letters on the subject from our electronic mailbag.

  • July 29, 2002 29 Jul'02

    Wireless corporate access can spawn security problems

    Wireless corporate access can spawn security problems

  • May 20, 2002 20 May'02

    Wireless insecurity: It's all in the device

    Wireless insecurity: It's all in the device

  • November 08, 2001 08 Nov'01

    Thinking about wireless security

    This useful article discusses wireless technologies and outlines some of the problems that have been identified to date. Wireless areas covered: mobile commerce, encryption over wireless platforms, mobile devices, WAP, WEP, WTLS, SSL, wireless LANs,...