Mobile Enterprise Applications

  • August 12, 2013 12 Aug'13

    Backend as a Service: Reap the benefits, master the challenges

    In this Q & A, Gartner Research Director Gordon Van Huizen discusses Backend as a Service (BaaS) trends with contributor Peter Schooff.

  • December 19, 2007 19 Dec'07

    Mobile applications give workers flexibility, increase responsiveness

    Workers are finding the workplace can be anyplace -- at the office, at home, or even out at the ballgame -- if they are equipped with the right mobile equipment and applications.

  • April 16, 2004 16 Apr'04

    Mobile Computing Top 20 Articles | April 09 - April 16

    Want to view the most popular editorial content for the past week, based on traffic by you and your peers? Here are the top five tips, articles and mobile definitions. Check back next week!

  • April 06, 2004 06 Apr'04

    Charting an enterprise GPS strategy

    Though wireless carriers aren't widely offering location-based services yet, many organizations are moving forward without them by using mobile devices and the March 10, 2004 10 Mar'04

    Garbage disposal firm cleans up with wireless apps

    Garbage collection is dirty work, but thanks to mobile phones and wireless apps, one trash company was able to clean up field force inefficiencies and cut costs.

  • December 16, 2003 16 Dec'03

    The pulse of health care is wireless: The future medical enterprise

    According to a recent American Hospital Association survey of the 100 "Most Wired" Hospitals in America, the top innovations include interactive self-assessment tools, education Web sites, monitors that send readings right into patient medical ...

  • December 11, 2003 11 Dec'03

    Speed, size, and maintenanceA short guide to optimizing pervasive applications

    Optimization is one of the foundations of good application design. In this article, wireless expert Mikko Kontio explains how you can optimize your wireless applications for speed, size, and maintenance. He also offers tips for choosing the right ...

  • November 24, 2003 24 Nov'03

    Mobile Computing Top 20 Articles --- This week's hottest content

    You click, we count. Find out what other mobile professionals deem to be the most important content on our site, which we track for you on a weekly basis.

  • May 28, 2003 28 May'03

    Xora service turns cell phones into timecards

    Xora has teamed up with Nextel on a service that lets a company's employees use their cell phones like timecards to punch in and out of work. One company says the service has helped it lower costs and keep track of workers, but some worry that it is...

  • May 27, 2003 27 May'03

    New medical barcodes could be worth a pound of cure

    Barcodes -- they help make sure the price is right for your groceries, and now they're ensuring that the Rx is right for your body. Fans of the scans think the technology could keep the medical mishaps, such as wrong medicines and dosage, away.

  • April 17, 2003 17 Apr'03

    Mobile vendors shifting focus from platforms to apps

    Mobile device vendors have stopped selling platforms and started selling applications that target specific business processes. According to a Yankee Group analyst, the emergence of more useful, prepackaged mobile applications to access networked ...

  • April 11, 2003 11 Apr'03

    Special advisory: An introduction to enterprise mobile computing

    Can wireless apps be cheap and successful? Are wireless LANs more trouble than they're worth? How should you craft your wireless security strategy? In this weeklong special advisory, presents original articles and fresh ...

  • April 11, 2003 11 Apr'03

    The secrets to cheap, easy and successful wireless apps

    Wireless applications can seem to magically improve workforce productivity, but simply waving a wand won't ensure a successful deployment. Experts explain why availability matters more than air interfaces, how to determine ROI and why it's important...

  • March 27, 2003 27 Mar'03

    Meet our Mobile Experts

    Coming out of the gates, we have 3 notable mobile technologies experts who can answer your questions. Read more about them here!

  • March 27, 2003 27 Mar'03

    Our Mobile Mission

    Read about what we plan to do with our new and exciting site!