Mobile Device Security

  • May 06, 2003 06 May'03

    Bluefire catches on at Johns Hopkins

    Bluefire Security Technologies has released its Mobile Firewall Plus software for securing handheld devices, and an IT director with Johns Hopkins Medicine says his company is using it to update PDA security profiles and to keep patient medical data...

  • April 29, 2003 29 Apr'03

    Granite State making peace with 'war driving'

    New Hampshire may tell folks to "Live Free Or Die," but it's about to tell wireless network owners to "Secure Well or Else."

  • April 11, 2003 11 Apr'03

    Experts: Good policy can mitigate mobile security risks

    It may be easy to store your client list on your company-issued PDA, but what happens if the device is lost or stolen? Experts say that an enterprise-wide mobile security policy can protect a company's interests in the event of a worst-case scenario...

  • November 15, 2002 15 Nov'02

    Company tackles wireless network security risks

    A senior security officer finally relents on allowing wireless networks inside his enterprise.