• Review: BlackBerry 8800

    This cellular-wireless device is large enough to qualify as a handheld, though many might call it a smartphone. It is one of RIM's first models to include significant support for multimedia, including playing video and MP3 files. The BlackBerry 8800...  Continue Reading

  • Windows 5.0 -- Optimizing data sync

    Optimizing mobile applications can be a difficult task, but from an end user standpoint, it is the speed, responsiveness and functionality of the application that is most important. By combining the network notification capabilities of SNAPI with ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile data services development trends in 2007

    The wireless industry is evolving faster than ever and easy-to-use interfaces will allow extremely powerful data services on the network to be delivered to the handset user. In this column, Darrell Jordan-Smith takes a look at new data services ...  Continue Reading

  • Cell phones: Who owns them?

    The ambiguities that have surrounded the handset -- namely who owns it, who dictates what happens on it and who enforces these rules -- present problems for service providers and enterprises alike. This financial quandary in equipment, however, has ...  Continue Reading

  • Review: Palm Treo 750

    The 750 greatly resembles previous smartphones from Palm, but, unlike its predecessors, it does not need an external antenna. It has a tablet design, with a 240-by-240-pixel touchscreen above an alphanumeric keyboard. This smartphone runs Windows ...  Continue Reading

  • The reality of convergence

    The mobile enterprise has waited a long time for the day when employees could utilize a smarter, more comprehensive device to communicate across cellular, 802.X and campus environments. We've seen band-aid solutions from a myriad of suppliers but ...  Continue Reading

  • Review: BlackBerry Pearl

    Even though this is a smartphone, not one of RIM's larger cellular-wireless handhelds, it still breaks new ground for this company, as it is its first model of any kind with support for playing music and displaying video. As part of this, the Pearl ...  Continue Reading

  • November: Traveling with your laptop

    Our Day-to-Day Networking feature includes a cartoon (with Dave, the IT guy), a quick networking technical tip, and a calendar that lets you know what's happening on our site and in the networking industry. Print it out and tack it up in your ...  Continue Reading

  • Nokia E62 thin mobile productivity device

    In this product review, John Shepler weighs in on Nokia's new E62 mobile device for Cingular Wireless.  Continue Reading