• Review: BlackBerry Curve

    The BlackBerry Curve, also called the 8300, is one of this company's next generation devices with multimedia capabilities, including playing music and video. It has a built-in QWERTY keyboard and a 320-by-240-pixel (QVGA) display. It also includes a...  Continue Reading

  • Review: Nokia N95

    The Nokia N95 is a cutting-edge S60 smartphone with an innovative design that makes it easy for users to switch between phone and media player modes. It also offers 3G cellular-wireless networking and Wi-Fi.  Continue Reading

  • Managed mobile services

    In this managed mobile services series, Dan Taylor examines managed services for device management, email, enterprise applications, and cellular telephony. It concludes with a best practices guide.  Continue Reading

  • Review: Palm Treo 755p

    The Treo 755p is one of Palm's first generation of smartphones with a slimmer profile and no external antenna. It runs the Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS Garnet). It was created for CDMA carriers and offers support for the 3G cellular-wireless ...  Continue Reading