Enterprise mobility management software and strategy

  • Detecting rogue mobile devices on your network

    Controlling what mobile devices connect to your network is crucial, whether those devices are local or remote, stationary or mobile. Many enterprises use application portals, mail servers and/or VPN gateways to detect and restrict mobile access, ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile security policies

    Mobile security policies are necessary for a safe mobile environment. In this series you'll discover three key elements that are essential to your mobile security policy and learn how government regulations affect what is required in your policy.  Continue Reading

  • Navigating platforms for mobile applications and devices, with expert Craig Mathias

    Many choices confront IT managers when selecting and deploying smartphones and mobile platforms. Craig Mathias, principal with Farpoint Group -- an advisory firm specializing in wireless networking and mobile computing -- is no stranger to how ...  Continue Reading

  • Managing mobile workers

    Managers of mobile workers have the responsibility in ensuring that their staff are performing their tasks efficiently, effectively and productively regardless of their location or even their working hours. Some managers embrace mobility while ...  Continue Reading

  • BlackBerry usage policy and agreement

    Download this editable BlackBerry usage policy and agreement template and ensure your organization is protecting its corporate data, computer systems, networks, etc. from unauthorized use and/or malicious attack that could result in loss of ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile device upgrade strategy

    Determining when and how to upgrade your mobile device arsenal is a challenge many mobile managers will face this year. When upgrading your mobile devices, you must consider both return on investment (ROI) and associated risks, such as downtime and ...  Continue Reading