Enterprise mobility management software and strategy

  • Securing corporate data on your laptops

    This series outlines what laptop security means to your business, how to protect your valuable corporate data residing on your laptops and shows you how laptop weaknesses are being exploited. It concludes with an outline of the steps you can take ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile applications: Making anywhere access a reality

    Mobilizing applications has a number of costs and benefits associated with it, as does any strategic initiative your company undertakes. In this series, we'll discuss a framework for evaluating the costs inherent in mobilizing users and applications...  Continue Reading

  • Fingerprint recognition and mobile security

    Fingerprint recognition technology for mobile devices is posed to become the preferred user authentication solution mobile device security. In this Technical Note from the Farpoint Group, you'll see why Fingerprint recognition is likely to become ...  Continue Reading

  • Defining mobile IT solutions

    Mobility is now so important to productivity and the overall success of the enterprise that mobile access to information is an increasingly important concern of IT departments. But to set an effective mobile IT strategy, we need to look closely at ...  Continue Reading