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Winner: Best enterprise mobility management product

In the Best Enterprise Mobility category of the Modern Infrastructure Awards, there’s one winner offering help for enterprise mobility initiatives.


Best enterprise mobility management product winner: AirWatch

Enterprise mobility management represents a new frontier for IT with a lot of moving parts. A product's ease of use and a vendor's customer support can go a long way towards helping companies overcome these challenges -- and that's where AirWatch excels, according to our readers.

AirWatch's suite provides device, application and content management features that IT administrators can use to address the many facets of an enterprise mobility initiative.

"They successfully combine management of the device, applications and corporate content in a very user-friendly way," one reader wrote.

AirWatch, a 10-year-old company based in Atlanta, also earned high marks for evolving beyond mobile device management (MDM), an important but limited technology that has become somewhat of a commodity. AirWatch's mobile application management (MAM) lets companies purchase, deploy and even develop apps for end users.

"We really love the app wrapping component, since that allows us to add security to our app without having to shell out extra cash to contractors," another reader wrote.

Enterprise mobility management honorable mention: MokaFive for iOS

When it comes to mobility, IT must walk the tightrope between protecting corporate data and enabling user productivity. MokaFive's unique approach in this area sets it apart from the field, according to our readers.

"MokaFive understands that information security is about more than just protecting [the] device," a reader wrote.

MokaFive for iOS creates a secure container where users can access and edit corporate data, either through its built-in file viewers or, if IT approves, through integration with third-party apps on the iPhone or iPad.

"Preserving the native app experience on iOS versus, say, a WIndows VDI approach to getting at organizational data is a much better way to go," one of our expert judges said. 

This data access can either occur over a VPN connection or through the MokaFive app itself thanks to its offline cache feature, which this judge said is "a nice perk."

One of the biggest pain points in managing enterprise mobility, especially in BYOD shops, is the variety of different devices and operating systems at play. Securing heterogeneous endpoints has never been IT's strong suit, but broad platform support from an EMM vendor can help ease the pain. Several readers noted that AirWatch supports all the major mobile OSes-- and even some not-so-major ones, like Nokia's Symbian.

"Moving forward, they are now supporting Windows PC [and] Mac OS X management as well," one reader wrote. "This shows their ambition in the market."

Best enterprise mobility management product finalists

AirWatch won out over these other enterprise mobility management vendors:


Citrix XenMobile

Fiberlink MaaS360

Good Dynamics

MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management

MokaFive for iOS

Samsung KNOX

VMware Horizon Workspace


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We did four months of testing AirWatch along with two other products. No one else can match them for breadth and depth of capabilities. They're not perfect, but they seem to be well ahead of their competition.
Hey how did you guys choose which products to test? Did you go out and select a number of them or did the vendors approach you?
How did you choose which products to include in the list? Did you work with those you had previously reviewed, someone nominate the products or vendors apply?
Hi BYODisComing--I'm one of the Modern Infrastructure editors. We had an open nomination period for vendors, then narrowed those down to finalist lists, then readers voted. We used those votes plus expert judges' input and editorial guidance to choose the winners.
have you guys evaluated Codeproof?
Thanks for sharing the list, and new solution providers emerge with time with new offerings. DeviceMax is gaining popularity in the enterprise world with its customized solutions for industries. One of the largest enablers of the connected device ecosystem, DeviceMax offers comprehensive solutions to address the Connected Consumer Challenges. The managed service platforms and solutions help enterprises and retailers embrace mobility, improve business results, and effectively maximize ROI. We deliver services to some of the top enterprises, helping them secure corporate data and deploy mobile applications efficiently, in a wide variety of mobile devices. Efficient device management suites are designed to assist different types of industries, overcome enterprise mobility challenges.