What's the future for Windows OSes? Weigh in on Twitter on June 25

Join our June 25 tweet chat to share your thoughts on the future of Microsoft's desktop operating system and how its mobile Windows OSes stack up.

Please note that the date of this tweet chat has changed to June 25.

For years, IT has had only one Windows operating system to concern itself with: the most recent desktop version. That's not the case anymore.

Most organizations are on Windows 7, but Microsoft is pushing Windows 8, a redesigned touchscreen OS that runs on desktops and tablets, as does Windows RT, a similar version for ARM devices. Oh, and don't forget Windows Phone 8.

It can be confusing to keep up with the different operating systems and devices that Microsoft is injecting into the consumer and business realms. Microsoft has two operating systems for desktops and tablets, another for phones, plus its own Surface hardware on the market. All these products make it clear that Microsoft has its eye on consumers, but that begs this question for IT pros: How does it all fit in the enterprise?

On Tuesday, June 25 at 1 p.m. ET, SearchConsumerization.com will host a tweet chat where you can share your thoughts on Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8. Here are all the details:

Date: Tuesday, June 25

Time: 1 p.m. ET

Host: @SearchCoIT

Hashtag: #CoITchat

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Some helpful information about the tweet chat:

  • Please introduce yourself in your first tweet. Share your name, title and where you work.
  • @SearchCoIT will ask a new question (Q1, Q2 and Q3) to participants every 10 minutes. Preface your answers to each question with A1, A2 and A3.
  • Include the hashtag #CoITchat in all of your tweets during the chat. Sites such as tweetchat.com can automatically include the hashtag for you. They also make it easier for you to follow along with the whole chat.

If you have any questions leading up to the tweet chat, ask us on Twitter @SearchCoIT or email Colin Steele, executive editor. In the meantime, check out some of our content on Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8:


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