Verizon Wireless announces LTE for its 4G plans

Verizon Wireless has announced its decision to develop and utilize Long Term Evolution (LTE) for its fourth generation wireless network.

Verizon Wireless has announced its decision to develop and utilize Long Term Evolution (LTE) for its fourth generation wireless network, not the one created for it by Qualcomm.

Verizon uses the CDMA standard that was developed by Qualcomm, and it also uses the related 3G technology EV-DO. Qualcomm has developed a 4G solution called Ultra Wide Band (UWB), but it appears neither of the two main CDMA telecoms in the U.S. are going to use it.

The standard Verizon is going to use, LTE, is one that was developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards organization for telecoms whose networks use the GSM standard, which is a rival to CDMA.

This choice was likely influenced by Vodafone, the European telecom that is half owner of Verizon Wireless, and which uses GSM on its own network.

Among other advantages, because they use LTE, future Verizon phones will be able to connect more to wireless networks around the world than they would if they were based on UWB.

Moving Forward
Verizon and Vodafone have a coordinated trial plan for LTE that begins in 2008. When this 4G network will be available to the general public is not yet known.

The telecom says it is talking with LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson about phones for its new network, but it is also looking to other electronics companies about bringing 4G access to portable devices of many types.

Last week, Verizon announced a new policy that will allow customers the option to use on its wireless network devices and applications not offered by the company, and this will include its upcoming LTE service.

"A number of factors are setting the stage for our 4G network migration; most importantly, our view of customers' evolving appetite for more information, entertainment, and functionality, combined with an increasing customer expectation for easy access, high speed, easy handling, and seamless mobility," said Richard Lynch, Verizon's executive vice president and chief technology officer. "With a host of new devices and applications, and a particular focus on embedded wireless in virtually every piece of electronics you buy in any store, we believe LTE is the best technology with global scale to deliver on the promise."

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