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Using Citrix XenMobile for enterprise mobility management

IT can use XenMobile for EMM, but not without first understanding the features that come with the platform and how the Worx SDK works.

Comprehensive enterprise mobility management is becoming a top-of-mind topic for many IT administrators, and Citrix Systems Inc. has responded with its new XenMobile platform.

Using a varied and broad approach to managing devices and data is more important now than ever, and XenMobile brings mobile application management (MAM), mobile device management (MDM) and cloud storage and file sharing together in one console. With the Worx software development kit (SDK), an enterprise app store and support for many major devices and operating systems, XenMobile aims to make enterprise mobility management a breeze. But XenMobile also has a lot of components and features, which means it's not ideal for every company.

Check out the details about what XenMobile does, how Worx works and whether the platform is right for you.

What is XenMobile?

XenMobile offers a unified interface that lets users access business apps from their mobile devices. It combines MDM software from Citrix's Zenprise acquisition, the MAM software that was once CloudGateway and cloud storage from ShareFile. It's a comprehensive mobility management tool that also includes desktop virtualization, an enterprise app store and some managed enterprise apps, such as an email client and Web browser.

How does MAM work in XenMobile?

The basis of the MAM feature is Worx-enabled applications, or wrapped applications that IT administrators can add security and management policies to. By adding one line of code to applications, developers can make their apps Worx-enabled. The code points to a library that provides XenMobile's management and security interface.

After they become Worx-enabled, the apps go to public app stores, such as Apple's App Store and Google Play, and the enterprise app store in XenMobile acts as a portal to those public app stores. XenMobile supports native mobile apps on iOS and Android, and it also runs on Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, BlackBerry and Symbian devices. Windows, Software as a Service and Web apps can also go in the enterprise app store.

How many Worx-enabled apps are there?

Citrix said there would be at least eighty Worx-enabled apps, such as Concur, Box, Expensify and more, available at launch. By the end of 2013, Citrix said, there will be 500 independent software vendors supplying Worx-enabled applications.

Is XenMobile right for my company?

If your company already has an investment in Citrix's desktop and app virtualization, then XenMobile might be right for you. It offers broad control over devices and data from a central point, and that can make security management and user experiences better. But it has a lot of moving parts, which means it can be complex. To make things easier, XenMobile will be available in three versions -- MDM-only, MAM-only and Enterprise, which will include all features -- so you can pick the edition that best fits your needs.

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